Singapore Road Safety Council


Singapore Road Safety Council

The Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) was set up on 9 December 2009 by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), supported by the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and other road safety-related stakeholders.

The Council is self-funded through sponsorships and donations, and is registered as an official entity with the Registry of Societies (ROS). The Council is also granted ‘Charity’ and ‘Institutions of Public Character (IPC)’ status for purposes of managing the sponsorship funds and donations.



The Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) introduced the Singapore Road Safety Awards (SRSA) in 2013 to recognize the efforts of companies and individuals who have contributed to a safer road in Singapore. Road safety is a communal responsibility, so it is important to engage the industries that has employees driving/riding on the roads as their livelihood.

2 Over the years, SRSC increased the categories of awards to recognize more companies and individuals who made distinct effort to improve their system to ensure that their vehicles are road worthy and that their drivers/riders are more conscientious of road safety. SRSC hopes to see more companies taking part in the years to come.


3 This year, awards will be given out for the following categories :

(i) Company Awards, Safe Driver/Rider Awards and Most Improved Driver/Rider Awards for companies with the following vehicle fleets :

  1. a) Heavy Goods Vehicle fleet with ULW > 5000 kg;
  2. b) Public Bus fleet of 12-seaters and above;
  3. c) Non-Public Bus fleet of 12-seaters and above
  4. d) Motorcycle fleet.

(ii) Safe Driver Awards and Most Improved Driver Awards for taxi drivers

4 The assessment period for the SRSA 2018 is from 1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2017.

5 Please download the Application Form and submit it (MS EXCEL format) to Ms Irene Goh. All supporting documents can be sent by mail or email. All application to reach SRSC Secretariat by Monday, 16 July 2018.

6 Any clarification, please contact Ms Irene Goh at 6547 6596 or email:


7 All companies with 10 or more of these types of vehicles are eligible to participate. The following categories of vehicles are excluded:

  • • Road Tax exempted vehicles
  • • Trailers (non-motorised)
  • • Motor Vehicles owned by Government and Statutory Boards (other than Public Buses)
  • • Illegally modified vehicles

8 Participating companies will be assessed among others, on the following:

  1. i. Management’s Commitment to Road Safety
  2. ii. Operation and Control Management
  3. iii. Drivers/Motorcyclists Training and Awareness
  4. iv. Traffic Police / Land Transport Authority Violations

9 It is critical that Company has no fatal accident record during the assessment year to qualify for the award.

10 Champion companies for each category will each receive a Championship trophy and $1,000 worth of training vouchers sponsored by Automobile Association of Singapore Academy.


11 Companies are encouraged to submit nominations for the Safe Driver and Most Improved Driver Awards. Companies who employ drivers/motorcyclists but do not own the vehicle fleet are eligible to submit nominations for both awards so long as they can show proof of their employment.

12 Companies must submit proof that the nominee has at least 2 years of service with the company for Safe Driver/Motorcyclist award, and 3 years of service for Most Improved Driver/Motorcyclist award respectively (CPF statement or letter from HR department required).

13 Each Company may nominate only one person for Safe Driver/Rider Category and one for Most Improved Driver/Rider Awards. The latter must have shown significant improvement in his/her driving/riding behavior and improved driving record over the past 3 years to qualify for the Awards. Companies may not nominate a driver/rider who has previously received an award.

14 Nominated drivers/motorcyclist will be assessed among others, on the following:

  • • Company recommendation with justification
  • • Commendations received (if any)
  • • Driving/Riding record with the authorities

15 Champions will each receive a Championship trophy and the following :

  1. a) Safer Driver Awards – $500 cash
  2. b) Most Improved Driver Awards – $300 cash and $200 training vouchers

Training vouchers are sponsored by Automobile Association of Singapore Academy while cash awards are sponsored by AA Singapore-Singapore Police Cooperative Pte Ltd


16 The decisions of the judges shall be final and non-disputable.

17 Winners of the awards will be notified by email or mail within 3 months after the closing date.


18 Interested companies may download and submit the application forms below.

Company Award
Safe Driver Award
Most Improve Driver Award

Traffic Guardians

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