Singapore Road Safety Council



All road users have a responsibility to keep our roads safe. Whether as a car driver, a motorcyclist, trishaw rider, cyclist, or pedestrian – we all must do our share to avoid road mishaps. Every road user must always stay alert and careful on the road.

Road safety is a major social concern. Although the overall traffic situation has improved over the years, some key issues still need to be addressed:

Children / Elderly

CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY are among the most vulnerable groups among road users, with elderly people counting for almost half of all pedestrian deaths.


As a road user group, PEDESTRIANS formed the second largest group of road traffic fatalities, behind motorcyclists and pillion riders. In most cases, the pedestrians were either crossing heedless of traffic or had failed to use available pedestrian crossing.


PEDAL CYCLISTS, due to their small size, are among the most vulnerable road users. Many cyclists’ accidents can be prevented if they use the proper safety gear.


MOTORCYCLISTS and their pillion riders remain the most vulnerable group of road users. The top causes of motorcycle accidents are due to: failure to have proper control, failure to keep a proper look out, and failure to give way to traffic with right of way.


Common causes of traffic accidents involving MOTORISTS are: failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to give way to traffic with right of way and changing lane without due care. Handphone driving, including the use of SMS, is an inconsiderate and dangerous act that poses a threat to other road users.

Road users must ALWAYS follow traffic rules, signs, and signals and they must be considerate to other people on the road. Following simple safety reminders will greatly enhance road safety for all.

Just remember that SAFETY IS NOT AN ACCIDENT – IT’S A CHOICE EACH OF US CAN MAKE. Together, we can save countless lives.