Singapore Road Safety Council


Donation – For Safer Roads in Singapore

The Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) is registered as an official entity with the Registry of Societies. Being a non-profit organisation, the SRSC relies exclusively on donations from community-spirited organisations and individuals, to raise funds for its operations and road safety outreach programmes. The Council is granted ‘Charity’ and ‘Institutions of Public Character (IPC)’ status for purposes of managing the donations.

Donations received will be used to fund road safety outreach programmes as well as its secretariat operations. No amount of contribution is too small for our cause and every dollar of your contribution will go a long way towards safer roads in Singapore. All cash donations towards the SRSC are tax-deductible. However, please note that the tax-deductible amount is based on the nett amount received (i.e. after deduction of 3.4% + S$0.50 fees imposed by PayPal).

Please feel free to contact us at Tel: 6547 6409 or Email: should you require any clarifications. Thank you and we look forward to your generous support!

i) To enjoy tax deductions for your donations, please click on the “Return to Singapore Road Safety Council” button after payment is confirmed. You will be redirected to our website to fill in the tax particulars.

ii) For payments made with your PayPal account, you will be automatically redirected.

iii) Donations are non-refundable.