Singapore Road Safety Council


Singapore Road Safety Award 2013




1.  The Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) will be presenting an award, titled, the “Singapore Road Safety Award 2013” in the last quarter of 2013. This is one of SRSC’s initiatives which wasfirst announced in February this year. Heavy Fleet – Owning Companies are invited to submit the applications for this inaugural road safety award.



2.  The objective of the award is to recognise the Heavy Fleet – Owning Companies who promote road safety. In addition, this award will give the opportunity to promote safe and defensive driving habits by heavy vehicle drivers, so as to prevent traffic accidents.



3.  The award is for Heavy Fleet – Owning Companies with vehicles ULW > 5000 kg.

The following categories are excluded:

  • All buses
  • Road Tax exempted vehicles
  • Trailers (non-motorised)
  • Heavy Vehicles owned by Government and Statutory Boards
  • Heavy Vehicles temporary owned by Dealers
  • Companies who own less than 10 such vehicles

4.  The qualification period shall be from 1 Sep 2012 to 31 Aug 2013. The application submission period is from 9 Sep 2013 to 21 Oct 2013. Participating Companies are requested to download the application form via SRSC website and submit your application form (hard copy) to SRSC Secretariat by 21 Oct 2013 before noon.



5.  Participating companies will be assessed among others, on the following:

  1. Management’s Commitment to Road Safety
  2. Operation and Control Management
  3. Drivers Training and Awareness
  4. Traffic Police / Land Transport Authority Violations



6.  For more information on the award details, please email:

7.  We look forward to your participation in working towards safer roads in Singapore.

Singapore Road Safety Award 2013 Application Form