Singapore Road Safety Council


Singapore Road Safety Award 2016


1. The Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) introduced the Road Safety Award in 2013 to recognize the efforts of companies and individuals who have contributed to a safer road in Singapore. This year, the SRSC will be presenting the “Singapore Road Safety Awards 2016” in the final quarter of 2017. There will be 5 categories of awards, namely:

  1. A. Road Safety Award for Companies with Heavy Goods Vehicle Fleet
  2. B. Road Safety Award for Companies with Bus Fleet
  3. C. Road Safety Award for Companies with Motorcycle Fleet
  4. D. Road Safety Award for Safe Vocational Driver/Motorcyclist
  5. E. Road Safety Award for Most Improved Vocational Driver/ Motorcyclist


2. The SRSC has increased the award categories over the years. This year, we have added the safe and the most improved vocational motorcyclist award under category D and E respectively. We encourage companies who employ motorcyclists to carry out any forms of duties including but not limited to despatch, delivery, inspection etc., to nominate them for the award. Motorcyclists have for many years been over represented in fatal and serious injury accidents, we hope these new awards will encourage employers to pay greater attention and invest more to protect the safety of their motorcyclists on the road.

3. The qualification period for all five awards shall be from 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016. Participating companies are requested to download the application form at the bottom of this page and submit the softcopy of the application in excel format to and mail the signed printed copy, together with supporting documents to SRSC Secretariat, attention to Ms Irene Goh, by Monday, 17 July 2017.


4. The objective for Awards categories (A), (B) and (C) is to recognise Fleet – Operating Companies who promote road safety actively through strong management commitment and good practices for their drivers and motorcyclists.

5. The objective for Awards categories (D) and (E) is to recognise Companies’ vocational drivers or motorcyclists who maintain a good driving/riding record and display safe driving/riding behavior.


6. The award is for companies with Heavy Goods Vehicle fleet with ULW > 5000 kg; companies with Bus fleet of 12-seaters and above; and companies with Motorcycle fleet. All companies with 10 or more of these types of vehicles are eligible to participate. The following categories of vehicles are excluded:

  • • Road Tax exempted vehicles.
  • • Trailers (non-motorised).
  • • Motor Vehicles owned by Government and Statutory Boards.

7. Participating companies will be assessed among others, on the following:

  1. i. Management’s Commitment to Road Safety
  2. ii. Operation and Control Management
  3. iii. Drivers/Motorcyclists Training and Awareness
  4. iv. Traffic Police / Land Transport Authority Violations



8. The two award categories are Safe Driver/Motorcyclist and Most Improved Driver/Motorcyclist. Vocational drivers refer to drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles, Light Goods Vehicles, Buses (bus captains), and Taxis. Companies are invited to submit their nominations of vocational drivers and motorcyclists (with at least 2 years of service for Safe Driver/Motorcyclist award, and 3 years of service for Most Improved Driver/Motorcyclist award, respectively with the company) who demonstrated commendable efforts on road safety. All companies who employ such vocational drivers/motorcyclists are eligible to submit nominations for one or both awards even when they do not own the vehicles themselves.

Each Company is allowed to nominate only one person each for the award in categories (D) and (E), if it wishes to do so.

9. Nominated drivers/motorcyclist will be assessed among others, on the following:

  • • Company recommendation with justification
  • • Commendations received (if any)
  • • Driving/Riding record with the authorities

10. The decisions of the judges on the results shall be final.


11. For more information on the award details, please contact Ms Irene Goh (Tel: 6547 6596 or Email:

We look forward to your participation in promoting road safety in Singapore.

Downloadable Application Forms

Application Form
Companies Award
Safe Driver/Motorcyclist Award
Most Improved Driver/Motorcyclist Award