Singapore Road Safety Council



Ms Saváge Series

Learn valuable tips on road safety and how you should behave on the road.

Episode 1: Pedestrian Road Safety

Episode 2: Motorist Road Safety

Episode 3: Cyclist Road Safety

Episode 4: Motorcyclist Road Safety

Episode 5: Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles

“Mr Zebra” Road Safety Animation Cartoon Video

A joint initiative led by SRSC together with TP and Shell, these videos which were produced by Nanyang Polytechnic and its School of Interactive & Digital Media will share road safety advisories such as the importance of the kerb drill, keeping out of vehicles’ blind spots, and the dangers of crossing roads while distracted.

Series 1

Kerb Drills

Blind spots

Distracted Crossing

Series 2

The second series of the “Mr Zebra” Road Safety Animation Cartoon Video is back! In this series.

Learn the importance of using designated crossings, the dangers of playing near the kerb and benefits of wearing a seatbelt.

Designated Crossings

Don’t Play Near the Kerb

Wear Your Seatbelt